Vampire The Masquerade: Salvation

Just when things got better...

She lies upon the blood-soaked remains of her ruined lands; lives shattered, dominions destroyed to a cinder all because she wanted to prove that her power was greater than his. So, what say you now? Monster, demon born of the bleakest womb. What say you now?

Chapter 1….

Rini’s insanity increases when she discovers that she is pregnant by her Toreador husband the fourth time, but this time with twins no thanks to the direct bloodline of her father Cain. Cain Nightroad being a twin himself, it’d be no surprise that his daughter would bare twins. Yes, before the unexpected surprise, the young Crusnik’s mentality was teeter-tottering between good and evil. Now, to add more to the stew – it has been recently revealed that Rini has a long, lost estranged older brother Saito Sahl. Whom resides in Tokyo, Japan. By Abel’s request and out of concern for his niece’s sanity, Saito came back to Rome to put his newly-discovered sibling to the test.

Rini did not take well to her brother and took it upon herself to physically attack his charge, a new Crusnik named Izayoi Tatsuhiko, the first man-made constructed Asian Crusnik out of instinct and defense when Izayoi attempted to feed off Rini’s beloved butler Ryushu. The outcome for this brief brawl was dire. Rini was stabbed once in the stomach (thank GOD it missed the unborn babies by a smidge) and bitten up badly. Izayoi left with literal chunks taken out of her neck. Female Crusniks don’t normally get along due to dominance issues.

So, now here we are. Rini’s insanity rapidly increasing and showing signs of being a Sociopath like her father. Ryushu, Nichiya and Saito must think of a cure before their dearest red-head snaps and destroys everything and everyone she loves and cherishes.

What say her now?

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