Dax Alexander Upir


Full Name: Dax Alexander Upir
Nicknames: Pax, Drince, Ripper
Date of Birth: October 31, 1839
Date of Embrace: December 25, 1859
Heritage: British
Birth Place: London, England
Sire: Natasha Landerson
Generation: 5
Chronicle: Vampire: The Masquerade
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camarilla
Haven: Luxury appartment in Salem, MA
Concept: Fugitive – Suspected of being ‘Jack the Ripper’ during 1800’s.

  • “Dax” is an Extreme Narcissist – Deviant
  • “Prince” is a Diablerist – Monster
    Demeanor: Gallant


*Dax was born to a wealthy family, his mother Serafina Upir and his father Jace Upir in 1839.
*Dax had a little sister he loved very much. Her name was Lola Upir, he was very close to her.
*1849, Dax watched his sister die from a deadly disease. He became alone since she his only friend.
*1851, parents divorced and his mother took custody of him.
*1855, became a science major in school.
*1858, lost his virginity to a one night stand with a local tavern whore. He became a father to a son named Alexander some months later. Never heard from the mother again.
*1859, Dax met a beautiful woman Natasha Landerson. They spent a night together and she embraced him without any permission from the Prince. She is executed.
*1859, Derangement takes over into causing Dax to kidnap and brutally murder the prostitutes of London streets and leaving them dismembered. His is nicknamed ‘Jack The Ripper’ and is suspected and tried in court. Found guilty, he is imprisoned for death row. However, Dax manages to escape after massacring everyone in the building.
*1859, Dax fled from London to Massachusetts where he currently finds haven. He gains a close friendship to the Salem Prince and ghouls two people; Samuel and Star Beaux (twin siblings).

Dax Alexander Upir

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